Resident Evil Village The VR mode will be available on the PlayStation VR 2 on the same date as Sony’s new VR hardware launches in February, Capcom announced on Wednesday. And even better, it’s added as a free update for owners of the game.

A screenshot of Resident Evil Village in VR.

Dual-wielding will (hopefully) make the game a little less terrifying.
Image: Capcom

In combat, the Sense controllers allow “intuitive movements like raising your arms to guard and holding your gun out in front of you to shoot,” Tsuyoshi writes, and you can also hold two weapons at once. It’s a shame none of that will help during the terrifying baby scene. (If you want to know what I’m talking about, I warn you this is an NSFW click.) VillageCapcom’s VR mode will only be available in the main campaign, Capcom spokesperson Kyle Burleson confirmed The edgemeaning you can’t use it in the arcade-y Mercenaries mode or the recently launched story expansion Shadows of rose.

Resident Evil village isn’t the only new PSVR2 launch title revealed on Wednesday: Sony has announced that the platform will be getting a sequel to the PS2 fireworks puzzle game fantasy, titled Fantasy Vision 202X. This new version is powered by Unreal Engine, Sony’s Takao Uehara wrote on the PlayStation blog, and I think the screenshots in the blog look pretty good; it seems like a more relaxing experience then Villageat least.

A screenshot of Fantasvision 202X.

I don’t know what’s going on in this screenshot of Fantasy Vision 202Xbut i want to play it.
Image: Sony

Sony’s blog also includes some details about other launch titles, such as the multiplayer sword fighting game Altair crusher, the co-op title The Story of Onogoroand the rhythm game Kizuna AI — Touch the beat!. And last week Sony shared a brief new trailer for what is arguably its most important launch title, Horizon Call of the Mountain.

PSVR2 launches on February 22, 2023, but it doesn’t come cheap: it begins for $549.99 and nothing but works with a PS5. Sony’s pre-orders were originally invite-only, but they’ve opened up to anyone with a PlayStation account in recent days, so if you’d like to get one to explore Castle Dimitrescu in VR at launch, you might want to place your order post now, just in case.