Searching for extrasolar biosignatures is important to understanding life on Earth and its origins. Astronomical [...]

Many important antibiotics target the production of bacterial cell walls. The growing problem of antibiotic [...]

Antibiotic resistance is a major global health problem, killing 4.95 million people in 2019 and expected to kill [...]

However, despite years of diligent study, it is still unknown under what circumstances a white dwarf’s mass [...]

The Standard Model predicts that two top quark-antiquark pairs can combine to form four top quarks at once. [...]

The W boson is a fundamental particle. It is the fourth heaviest particle in the Standard Model and its mass [...]

Layered crystal materials are an emerging class of compounds with desirable properties for a variety of [...]

Knowing where and how many things are will help you better understand the cosmos. The largest objects in the [...]

Traditional painting methods involve coating surfaces with pigments, inks and dyes to produce artistic images. In [...]

Since its launch in 1990, the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has been an interplanetary weather observer, [...]