Marvel Snap will finally get a way to fight against your friends soon. In a roadmap for the game shared Friday, developers Second Dinner gave details about the mode, titled Battle Mode vs. Friends, saying it plans to launch in “the next month or two.”

Currently, Marvel Snap pits you against a random opponent every time you hit the play button. But in Battle Mode, you play a series of games with a friend to see who can survive the other. Both players start a match with 10 health, and whoever wins a game deals damage to the other based on the number in the glowing cube at the top of the screen that you normally hit when you want to click and raise the bet. To pair with a friend, create a match or join with a code.

The new roadmap details a number of new features coming to the free-to-play mobile card game both in the near term and in the future. Alongside the new battle mode, artist credits and the ability to change your name are listed as “coming soon.”

An image of Marvel Snap's latest roadmap.

An image of Marvel Snaps last steps.
Image: second dinner

In the ‘In Development’ bucket, I’m most excited about the new ‘Smart Decks’ feature, which will help you automatically finish a deck you’re working on. “Maybe you’re not sure how to finish that ‘move deck’ you’ve been wanting to play,” Second Dinner writes as an example. “No problem. With the push of a button you can finish your new deck.”

Second Dinner also has things like a widescreen UI for PC players, new competitive modes, and an unranked mode in development. Ahead, you can look forward to things like guilds, collectible emotes, in-game events, and controller support on PC.