Ford is raising the price of its F-150 Lightning pickup again – this time by about $4,000 (via CNBC). The increase affects both the entry-level Pro model for business customers and the consumer-oriented XLT trim with no added options, which now start at $55,974 and $63,474, respectively.

By comparison, the Pro work truck initially started at $39,974 when it launched in April, but subsequent price increases brought the price to $46,974 in August and $51,974 in October. The base XLT, on the other hand, launched with a sticker price of $52,974 before rising to $59,474 a few months later.

A comparison of Ford F-150 Lightning prices

The price increase only affects the Pro and XLT models.
Screenshot: Emma Roth / Totustuus

“Price adjustments are normal practice due to rising material costs, market factors and ongoing supply chain constraints,” said Ford spokesman Elizabeth Kraft. The Detroit News, noting that existing vehicle orders will not be affected. Ford did not immediately respond The edgerequest for comment.