While the black hole’s mass is accessible through single-epoch spectra, measuring the mass of its host [...]

Nearly 40 years ago, astrophysicists discovered prototypes of magnetized radiofilaments in the Galactic Center. An [...]

Stephen Hawking suggested that the spontaneous production and destruction of pairs of particles must occur close [...]

Sources of ultraviolet (UV) photons are believed to have ionized intergalactic hydrogen in the first billion years [...]

Penn State researchers have characterized more than a hundred blazars from a catalog of previously unclassified [...]

A water vapor plume from Saturn’s moon Enceladus spanning more than 6,000 miles — long enough to [...]

Cosmic rays are high-energy charged particles composed of protons, electrons, atomic nuclei, and other subatomic [...]

Black hole fighter jets have recently been discovered to emit X-rays, and it is still unknown how they accelerate [...]

A few stars host most of the planets, although a notable number of planets are members of stellar binary systems. [...]

Uranus is considered a world of mystery. It was only seen once, when NASA’s probe came close to the planet [...]