The antiparticles of electrons are called positrons. They can be made by hitting a heavy metal target such as [...]

Biological sex is a fundamental trait that influences development, reproduction, pathogenesis and medical [...]

Since the dawn of quantum mechanics, the quest to understand measurements has been a rich source of intellectual [...]

There is evidence that the Neanderthal and Homo sapiens lineages began to diverge about 600,000 years ago and then [...]

Cells must respond adequately to nutritional signals. Defects in the rewiring of metabolism in response to changes [...]

Dinosaurs evolved a remarkable diversity of dietary adaptations throughout the Mesozoic Era, but the origins of [...]

Drug overdose rates have risen over the past two decades. More than five times as many people died of drug [...]

Progress has been made in elucidating sleep and wake regulation at the neurocircuitry level. However, the [...]

Neurodegenerative diseases, characterized by a progressive loss of brain function, mainly result from synaptic [...]

Confluent droplets are prominent in stormwater runoff from building facades, cell-cell interaction and cell [...]